We now come towards the final piece of apparatus and probably probably the most difficult to construct, the higher frequency transformer. This transformer consists essentially of a large cylinder upon which wire is wound within a single layer for the secondary coil with a flat spiral of copper or brass ribbon about the base to act as the main. Simply because it deals with higher frequency electrical energy, no metal core is necessary. The cylinder for the secondary is 53 inches higher and 15 inches in diameter. It is actually constructed without the use of nails throughout for nails will lead to considerable loss in present due to brush leakage. The cylinder is formed on three plywood discs 14-1/2 inches in diameter from mounting board or strips of wood 1/2-inch wide, 1/4 -inch thick and 53 inches extended. The strips are placed side by side and as close together as possible. When the entire circumference has been covered you should really have a solid, well constructed, wooden cylinder. It ought to now be shellacked and covered using a layer of wrapping paper. This serves to remove the rough edges left by the strips. imitation tag heuer

The winding around the secondary consists of 700 turns of No. 22 I). C. C. copper magnet wire, with all the turns spaced 14 to the inch replica watch omega . This will amount to about 2.670 feet or five.2 pounds of wire. To wind the coil pass a metal rod via the cylinder and mount it between two saw-horses. Before winding the wire on the cylinder, replica tag heuer glue a band of a single inch copper ribbon around the cylinder, one inch in the top and yet another placed three inches in the bottom. The bands must not meet, a space of about 1 inch becoming left between ends swiss replica tag heuer . Solder one particular end in the wire to the top band and start winding. The spacing between turns may perhaps be obtained by winding heavy cord alongside of your wire. Shellac liberally applied will hold the turns in place.

The discharge ball is of metal and about five inches in diameter, mounted on top from the coil. A toilet tank float will serve the purpose incredibly well. Complete the secondary coil by connecting a wire between the metal ball as well as the top on the coil.

To insulate the motor in the higher tension existing, the disc is mounted on an insulating hub, which in turn is fastened for the motor shaft. The disc is placed around the fibre and six holes drilled around the edge on the fibre and on via the metal. The two are then bolted or riveted together.

The motor with the completed rotating disc mounted around the shaft should really be bolted to a appropriate base. Opposite the edges with the disc screw a piece of fibre 1/4-inch thick, 1-inch wide and high adequate to extend an inch above the motor shaft. These form the supports for the stationary electrodes. The electrodes are created of brass and ground or filed slightly concave to fit the curve with the disc. The side opposite the concave face of each electrode is drilled and threaded upon a 5/16 inch brass rod which in turn passes through 3/8-inch holes drilled in the fibre supports in such a position that the electrodes are almost level with all the motor shaft. Strips of heavy copper ribbon are soldered towards the brass rods and establish connection with binding posts placed some inches beneath the rods on the fibre supports.

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